Suggested Reading:  Lighting

Activity 1: Light Bulb Investigations

Students will understand the differences between incandescent and CFL light bulbs.

One class period

Materialsfor Each Investigation
-2 Lamps
-1 Incandescent bulb
-1 Compact Fluorescent light bulb

Materials for Investigation 1
-2 Thermometers
-Light Bulb Investigation 1 worksheet

Materials for Investigation 2
-1 Kill A Watt monitor
-Light Bulb Investigation 2 worksheet

Materials for Investigation 3
-1 Light meter
-Light Bulb Investigation 3 worksheet

Note: Make sure that the incandescent and CFL bulbs have as close to the same lumen ratings as possible.


  1. Divide your class into three groups.
  2. Assign each group one of the light bulb investigations. Have students follow the procedures on the student worksheets.
  3. Discuss results as a class.

Activity 2: Facts of Light

Students will compare and contrast the financial and environmental impact of their lighting choices.

One class period

-Facts of Light worksheet

Review the findings from the Light Bulb Investigations. Based on their findings, how do students believe the cost of bulbs is affected?