Suggested Reading: Polymers

Activity: Making Polymers

Students will make polymers and learn about properties of polymers.

One class period

Materials for Polymer 1
-Zip lock plastic sandwich bags
-Measuring spoons
-Food coloring
-Paper plates
-Polymers 1 worksheet

Materials for Polymer 2
-White glue
-Spoon or popsicle stick to stir
-Small plastic cups
-Food coloring
-Graduated cylinder
-Polymers 2 worksheet

1. Assign students to work in small groups of two or three.
2. Assign groups to either make Polymer 1 or Polymer 2
3. Pass out the appropriate worksheet to each small group. Have students work through the directions to make their polymer.
4. Students should compare the polymer they made with someone who made the alternate polymer. Compare and contrast their properties.